Here Are Highlight Videos For The Top-10 Ranked Players In The McDonald's All-American Game Tonight

The McDonald's All-American game is tonight at the United Center in Chicago. Daniel Libit caught up with many of the players and asked them if they thought they should be paid next year. (They should, but you'd be surprised to the extent that, at least on the record, they don't necessarily agree.) »4/03/13 2:22pm4/03/13 2:22pm

The New White Sox "Walking Tacos" At U.S. Cellular Field Look And Sound Digusting

Last week, the Chicago White Sox announced their new concession offerings for this season at U.S. Cellular Field. Some of the items, such as the new meatball sub or the Comiskey Burger — a hamburger adorned with Chicago hot dog toppings — sounded like they would be worth trying. What garnered the most attention,… »3/28/13 1:50pm3/28/13 1:50pm

These People Thought The USA-Mexico 0-0 Tie Was Boring

After tying Mexico 0-0, the U.S. Men's National Team has three points after three matches. They're currently ranked third in the standings of their six-team round-robin tournament bracket, trailing Panama and Costa Rica; the top three teams advance to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, while the fourth-place finisher will… »3/27/13 1:44am3/27/13 1:44am

Jim Belushi Might Have Been Drunk, Was Definitely Creepy, During Second Blackhawks-Kings Intermission

Jim Belushi participated in the "Shoot the puck" contest at tonight's Blackhawks-Kings game in Chicago. Things took sort of an odd turn when Belushi started giving instructions to a fellow contestant ("Bend down just a little more"), and he had to be reminded that the game's broadcast was a "family show". »3/25/13 10:52pm3/25/13 10:52pm

Anonymous Tweeter @BIGSPORTSWRITER Tells Touching Jim Valvano Story

While I've had some unfriendly things to say in the past about anonymous Twitter ranter/philosopher/debater/columnist/author/critic/storyteller @BIGSPORTSWRITER, he's used his forum much more positively recently. I'm still a little squeamish about his criticism — even if it's constructive and warranted — because he… »3/21/13 8:44pm3/21/13 8:44pm

Some Relevant Phoenix Commentary, Including The Fantastic Imagery Of Bob Ryan Relaying A Quote He Couldn't Print In The Globe

Yesterday, we received news that The Phoenix, a Boston alt-weekly that had been in print since 1965, would shut it doors. The paper's sports alumni include George Kimball, Charles Pierce, Mike Lupica, and Bill Simmons. Because I don't think I ever actually read The Phoenix, I would lack sincerity in trying to form… »3/15/13 1:51pm3/15/13 1:51pm

Here's That Dusty Rhodes/Ric Flair Promo That DadBoner Was Talking About

Furious after reading "some better-than-me corn cob [who] needed to write to make himself feel better ’bout his snooze of a life and how he never gets carnal with ANY babes" bash Flint and Detroit in a Forbes slideshow, Karl Welzein published a column in Vice. He calls out the haters: »3/13/13 2:27am3/13/13 2:27am

Stephon Marbury Blogs About Basketball in China Now

When we last heard from Stephon Marbury, a statue of him was being unveiled in Beijing and Dennis Rodman gave the dedication speech. He had a nice thing to say about Mike D'Antoni. He refused to interview with SI unless he would be on the cover. He was accused of sending a Shanxi fan to the hospital, which he denied.… »3/12/13 2:08pm3/12/13 2:08pm

It's Actually Pretty Adorable When Mad Dog Tweets About His Son's 8th-Grade Basketball Games

In 2008, Mike and the Mad Dog broke up after a marriage that had lasted nearly 20 years. Mike Francesa stayed at WFAN while Chris "Mad Dog" Russo went to Sirius/XM for about $3 million per year to start his own channel and anchor his own mid-day program. Since then, we've heard much more about Mike around these… »3/11/13 3:25pm3/11/13 3:25pm